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Maintaining your hardwood beauty

Avoid using regular household dusting and cleaning products. These products will cause permanent damage. Use only products specifically designed for hardwood.

Never use water to mop the floors. Water will definitely cause permanent damage. You can use a damp cloth to wipe up spills but never pour water directly on the floor to ‘mop’ the floor.

  • Don’t use ammonia.
  • Never use wax on a floor with a urethane or other glossy finish.
  • Don’t drag furniture when moving it – use felt contacts under furniture legs to prevent scratches and gouges.
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Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit  from Mountain View Flooring
Vacuum, this is preferable to sweeping because it allows the dirt and dust to be pulled from between the boards. Use a vacuum with a bare floor attachment, not a vacuum beater bar, which can damage the wood.

Use sheers or blinds to protect your floors from the discoloration caused by direct sun rays.

Keep high-heeled shoes in good repair and avoid using stiletto heels or just remember to always remove shoes at the front door. Keep a pair of slippers so that you can easily walk from the front door to another room.

Use cotton area rugs and mats in high traffic areas and sites of frequent spills. Move the rugs frequently so that these areas of the floor remain the same color as the exposed floor.

Rubber and vinyl mats and rugs trap water under them.

Clean up spills immediately with a paper towel or dry cloth. A damp cloth can be used for sticky spills, but dry the spot immediately afterward.

Use a damp flat mop with a microfiber head to sweep up hair and dirt. Wring the mop head out enough for the head to be barely damp. You do not want a lot of water in the mop head.

Spray a clean microfiber mop head with Pallman Floor Cleaners.

Wash the floor with it. For best results don’t let the mop head get too dirty during the wash. Do about 6 or 7 strokes. Then check the mop head and rinse it out when it is filthy. Respray the mop head each time you rinse the dirt out.

Mountain View Flooring Inc uses Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit

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